Y-Axis Belt Attachment

I made my own version of the Y-Axis belt clip (“Y Belt Clip.stl” from the original MendelMax 2 designs) because the screw holes on my print bed are…

Z-Axis LM10UU mounts

The build directions I’m following suggest using Self Aligning Bronze Bushings for the linear sliding motion of the z-axis, but I opted instead to use LM10UUs with 10mm…

How to Install PyQt5 and Build Your First GUI in Python 3.4

A common way of making Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) in Python is to use Tk via the Tkinter package. However, designing the GUI is done purely in code…

Plastic Parts Printed

Finished printing plastic parts on a borrowed MakerBot. MendelMax 2.0 plastic part models from here.

Y-Axis Experiment

Motors are mounted, and X-axis is partially assembled. I don’t have any printed parts yet so I’m doing the steps out of proper order. Also, for the Y-axis…

Base Frame

My 3D printer is finally starting to take shape! Most of the frame is put together, as you can see below.

Tapping Aluminum Extrusions

I didn’t realize what “tapping” was before I ordered my aluminum extrusions, so I had to learn for myself. A tapped extrusion has the holes at either end…


Managed to get the sheet metal parts, thanks to my university’s waterjet cutter and help from members of RAPID.

Collecting Parts

Started collecting parts for my 3D printer. Metal parts from Misumi, Arduino and RAMPS board from eBay, and Stepper Motors from MassDrop.


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