Z-Axis LM10UU mounts

The build directions I’m following suggest using Self Aligning Bronze Bushings for the linear sliding motion of the z-axis, but I opted instead to use LM10UUs with 10mm smooth rods. To mount the bearings to the frame I found a nice 3D-printable model on Thingiverse. However, I decided to make my own from scratch in OpenSCAD because I wanted to make some modifications. In hindsight, I maybe should have just used the one Thingiverse. Nonetheless, it was a good learning experience using OpenSCAD for the first time.

My LM10UU mount is shown below:

The OpenSCAD code is available on github: https://github.com/skylogic004/openscad-parts/.

I tried to make it fully parametrized so that you can customize it. It has parameters for distance between screws, various heights/widths, type of screw (M3, M5, etc), and diameter of holder (can be used for LM12UU for example). However, I didn’t test all the different configurations so you may have to tinker with it if your parameters differ greatly from mine. The part is just wide enough to fit between the grooves on the LM10UU, such that you can insert 2 snap rings (external rings) at either end to secure the LM10UU to the mount. The 3/4″ size will fit the LM10UU. For example: 3/4 in. Stainless Steel External Ring or 1/4 in. External Retaining Ring. I also added a screw hole to the top of the mount so that you can tighten the grip on the LM10UU, but I’m not sure that it is necessary.

Finally, here’s what the printer looks like so far with the new LM10UU mounts:

Update (2017-01-16)

I discovered that the bottom of the 2 LM10UU mounts collided with another part, so I moved the screw holes to the edge so that the mount is lower down (I also noticed that the original designer did the same thing). The version is “LM10UU-holder-v3.scad” and looks like this:

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  1. Phil Karza

    I like your design – could this be modded for a hole spacing of 14mm?

    • You mean your smooth rod has a diameter of 14mm instead of 10mm? Yes certainly. I used an LM10UU which has an outer diameter of 19mm. You’d have to look up what the outer diameter is for an LM14UU, then put that value into the variable which I called “LM10UU_outer” (screenshot here: https://goo.gl/PxB0Ds). The OpenSCAD script will adapt accordingly (for example, if you changed the outer diameter to 23, it would look like this: https://goo.gl/s1iLNC). p.s. use the latest version of the file, which is “LM10UU-holder-v3.scad”

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